The Hospitality Package Plans “How they work for you!”

“Experienced Professional Hospitality Consulting Service”

First a brief introduction, I perform marketing and operation consulting for the Hospitality Industry whereby I offer Products and Services through three uniquely designed packages. I use these techniques in addressing a property’s shortcomings. These when properly utilized, contribute substantially to restructuring a property’s direction. He applies sound reasoning techniques that are clearly defined.

Yes, I recommend, consult, market, sell my books and promote Business and Hospitality trouble-shooting Services and packages. You can also employ me in an Interim Management assignment.

The Hospitality Package Plans

When the need arises, please consider, the valuable experience that I will provide you in bringing Business Hospitality Education Services” to you.

When you finish reading through this brief and straight-forward proposal, your lingering questions or concerns can be answered inexpensively. I stand ready to be of service and thank you in advance for your consideration. Don’t you just want peace of mind?

I have spent my career actively managing through unprecedented industry growth. I implemented restructuring and initiated many changes that were necessary to realize profit

My job provided me with first-hand knowledge and know-how, becoming well-versed in what it takes to launch from start-to-finish hospitality programs.

I am a committed industry professional who is driven to provide the best viable solutions and to enhance my clients ’profit picture at every opportunity. The objective is to provide services that will remedy my customers’ needs and upon that build and solidify a robust and trusting relationship.

The WOW what a deal, of each package, is explained simply:

  1. We will tailor your package, to your specifications, in every assignment.
  2. A price of the package will be determined when we see and understand your requirements.
  3. The Sale price as shown represents a VALUE that we place on our work based on our all-inclusive thinking.
  4. The real cost to you of this program is SPECIAL for you and you alone.
  5. The pricing will be competitive to any consultations.
  6. I will very much consider matching and or bettering any price quotes that you have received.
  7. We will also apply a $500 credit for our first-time customers.’
  8. We will prove our respect for our clients by providing a 25% percent discount to all repeat customers.

We will first, find out what you want to know (to the best of our ability)!  With that said, quite naturally then your package price will be determined by:

  1. Your World Location, (I have US Passport and will travel).
  2. The nature and amount of work required.
  3. The Length of Time needed in carrying out the assignment.

It you, look at this offer, I mean really consider what I am proposing you have got to truly admit that the packages are of outstanding “Value.” Well with that said, I ask you would you engage me to specifically tackle the “What if’s”?

The Hospitality Package Plans “How they work for you!

Alternatively, I will work studiously from my office, limit my travel, and associated expenses. This will e my productivity, which will result in efficiencies for all concerned.

“My Most Affordable Alternative”


It clearly say’s that I value you!

Am I flexible or what? Alright, I will work with you by phone for 30 days from installation.

Please, no further discounts.

Well ok!

It will still include the ongoing repeat value added discount promotion.

That is after the initial contracted assignment.

Am I flexible or what?

All you will need to do is supply me with the following:

  1. A clerical/financial/technology-computer literate/Excel proficient individual at your property for system building.
  2. Property Facts
  3. Detailed Financial
  4. General Information as Listed Herein
  5. Problems Encountered
  6. History of Property
  7. Marketing Initiatives (Tried) (Considered)
  8. Your Plan Forward
  9. Most Importantly Access to You For:
  • Ongoing Opinions
  • Direction
  • To Build Proper Grounded and Measurable Initiatives.