What I do and my focus!

My techniques when properly utilized, contribute substantially to restructuring a property’s direction.

I apply sound reasoning and clearly defined approaches.

Expect What You Inspect Schedules and the Solutions Guide as contained in:

  • How to Run a Profitable (Hospitality) Hotel, Resort, Restaurant, Food, and Beverage Business

  • Sure-Fire Solutions Guide

These tried, and proven tools compiled and instituted by me throughout my forty-five-year career.

The focus of my “Expect What You Inspect” system continually calls for improving product and service offerings, while setting desired monetary goals.

The Hospitality Package Plans “How they work for you!”

Allow me to introduce what I consider valuable offerings. They are packaged in a way that will provide choices for you. However, please know that each package can be tailored to fit your needs and budget. With these factors is where your special pricing will be determined. I am profoundly committed to getting your business and retaining you as a customer, naturally, this is based on my performance and your continued need.

You Deserve to Make a Profit!

How it works:
1. We will tailor your package, to your specifications, in every assignment.
2. A price of the package will be determined when we see and understand your requirements.
3. The package sale price as shown represents a VALUE that we place on our work.
4. The real cost to you of this program is SPECIAL for you and you alone.
5. The pricing will be competitive with any consults.
6. I will match or better any price quotes.
7. We will also apply a $250 credit to tailoring for our first-time customers.
8. We will prove our respect for repeat clients by providing a 25% percent discount.

  • Package 1. How to run a profitable Hospitality, Hotel, Resort, Food and Beverage Business  

    Package 1-A. The Restaurant Business Results

  • Package 2. Investigation and Inspections

  • Package 3. Interim Management

We will tailor your package, to your specifications, in every assignment.

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