We will tailor your package

We will tailor your package, to your specifications, in every assignment.

What MPC-Profits in Hospitality will do, with your approval is to uncover what necessary changes should be considered:

  • Define the current system of operation and is it a structured system that centers on acknowledging a Guest first environment.? Yes No 

Before you consider spending a dime, we will first identify the need, then seek to discover possible solutions, and then provide you with our recommendations for you consider. Then, we will identify the need, describe the reasons, identify the possible payback for our suggestions.

Again, MPC-Profits in Hospitality proposes to address an overall financial betterment of your property by employing methods that have been learned, tested, and personally used through a  45-year hospitality experience.

  • If your property has grown remiss in responsibilities to serve the guest, MPC-Profits in Hospitality will seek to discover the necessary suggested actions which can lead to resolving issue (s) that then can translate directly to Guest Satisfaction. These proposals can possibly uncover, benefit and or enhance your financial statement.
  • MPC-Profits in Hospitality will advise our clients with care and forethought by placing much value on:
  1. Attention to detail and meeting Guest’s needs as a must that cannot be compromised in seeking resourceful solution.
  2. The emphasize on acquiring and or maintaining quality is a process and that it does take an effort and time; it also cannot ever be put on automatic pilot.
  3. Performance standards to be necessary in developing the foundation block to marketing your property.
  4. On the fact that your staff needs to know that you personally are involved and thoroughly committed in attaining standards.
  5. Everyone’s adherence to Standards having an impact on results and determines a value within the marketplace.

The Process…..

The first step is for you to allow me to look at your operating financials, and work up questions and assumptions profiling the operation. This will enable me to pinpoint where deficiencies are hiding. If you are so inclined to permit me to review your operation, we can then take it to the next step. Fee is $999.00 and is included in the package price.

Should you elect, for whatever reason and not proceed further after my pre-work-up. “You may still cancel, all that we then would do is apply a $999.00 fee for the advance scrutiny and general recommendations.”

The second step in my approach is to incorporate the “Foundation Blocks” of building standards through and with the detailed applicable “Schedules.”


So, let’s begin by asking the questions that need to be answered in the design of your Tailor-Made Package:

  • What is your property known for?
  • What is the certain something that will beckon guests to return?
  • Are they being readily and fully promoted?

MPC-Profits in Hospitality will always ask these questions upon entering into any agreement.

  • Are you experiencing more negative guest comments concerning on-time service, complaints about delays in services?   
  1. Alternatively, perhaps you are incurring excessive increases in costs.
  2. Has your workforce provided any clues that your company’s policies and procedures do not make sense, do staff members question, and or are they confused on normal operational issues? 
  1. Do you see or feel that there is a general confusion among staff on various policies or procedures? Yes No

Note: This is a significant indicator and requires further understanding and/or study before simply settling on a correction course.

  1. Is there a general lack of consistency? Yes No
  • Note: This may be prevalent throughout and employees may display signs of inconsistencies in their job performance. Frustrations among them may well be the norm. This may also increase stress throughout the workforce. Consistency is a necessary element to achieve top performance. 
  1. Do employees perform duties in a like manner? Yes No
  • Note: Doing jobs the same way every time rather than wondering if they are done correctly, is a key factor to quality and also improves productivity. Consistency promotes the quest for excellence. It provides opportunities for positive response and establishes criteria for ongoing improvements.
  1. Do you agree, and can you determine if “how to do” policies and procedures provide clarity to your employees when dealing with accountability issues? Yes No
  • Note: It is also critically important for a company to practice and promote policies such as health & safety, anything that would reflect on legal liability, regulatory requirements or any compliance issues which may have serious consequences. 
  • In my opinion written procedures are also very important for better controls in developing sound business, financial, and accounting practices. 
  • With procedures, employees are provided information that allows them freedom to carry out their job and make decisions within defined boundaries, as they can now understand the constraints of their job without using a trial and error approach. 
  • These instructional documents enable the workforce to understand individual & team responsibilities. 
  • Undoubtedly, written policies & procedures allow managers to put into effect control by exception rather than micro managing their respective staff. 
  • Policies & procedures are important because well-written directives allow associates to understand their roles and responsibilities. 
  • Standard procedures allow management to guide operations without constant management intervention.
  • A price of the package will be determined when we see and understand your requirements

We will tailor your package, to your specifications, in every assignment.

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