My Biography

For many decades, I have been known throughout as “A Result’s Oriented Leader.”

I worked as General Manager for six properties in addition to opening five properties and transitioning eleven properties. Also, I was Vice President of Operations and Marketing for five hotels. In addition, I was Director of operations for seven hotels and thirteen resorts and then promoted to Vice President of Resort Operations.

My responsibilities in management have encompassed over forty-years of leadership dealing with a large variety and types of hospitality properties. I have expertise in exceeding guest expectations. This inspires and encourages a cohesive workforce where associates possess high attitudes. I keep vigilance on cost controls and achieving outstanding profits for positive financial results and trends.

I was born in Germany, lived in both U.S. and Germany at various times while “growing up.” I became a U.S. citizen at birth as my father was career army, being born in Germany also provided me with dual citizenship being my mother was German. After finishing high school, I completed a four-year European trade school program in the hotel and culinary field.  (1965) I worked through an apprenticeship program at the hotel Zum Riesen “Oldest Hotel and Guesthouse in Germany (four-star property).

I then enlisted in the U. S. Air Force over the Vietnam Era.

Naturally, as a business leader, I have experience in all facets of Business, Hospitality, Food and Beverage Management, and Real Estate.

“Pursuing success is measurable and then again; it is also a conviction to do your best along the way.”

I have had many opportunities to take continuing education courses directly related to hospitality, hotel and resort management and marketing, timeshare and property management, and related real estate programs. As an author, I have written:

How to Run a Profitable Hospitality, Hotel, Resort, Restaurant. Food and Beverage Business

The Sure-Fire Solutions Guide

It’s Simply Good Business by request to author for free download (Generic for any business)

My company MPC Global Enterprises Incorporated dba. Business and Hospitality Education Service,

  1. Primarily as a veteran hospitality executive I critically evaluate our clients present business in virtually all aspects. Upon discovery, we will suggest methods in resolving issues. My associates and I will find and recommend solutions. Finally, as an experienced hotelier I provide the following services for independent property owners yes, I consult in operations, sales, marketing, investigate-inspect, and perform interim management.
  2. As an Affiliate and advocate for learning, we provide business educational products that promote knowledge, understanding, the conceptual, practical, financial, and overall mission of the business. These media and digital products are 100% tested, and many have found them immensely productive tools.
  3. Further, as an entrepreneur, I market  MOBE which simply stands for My Online Business Education, that instructs those that aspire to become Entrepreneur’s in what it takes to own your own business and become successful.

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