“How to run a profitable Hospitality, Hotel, Resort, Food and Beverage Business” Package

“How to run a profitable Hospitality, Hotel, Resort, Food and Beverage Business” Package

There are many Benefits of enacting and utilizing my method

1.     as you will be enjoying your improved services

2.     and other discoveries through profitable gains.

3.     Because they provide the necessary insight that can only be gained from viewing “your true picture.”

My question is, do you know? I mean, do you really know where you stand?

It’s only meant to be an honest question for you and you alone to answer?

If you have only the slightest question, then why let it keep nagging you and lingering on?

Should you not “take action” and answer this nagging and perhaps, prolonged Negative or questionable feeling, by employing me?!

The options or directional courses that you will choose to employ are and will be in step with what your financial history is telling you this is therefore based upon accurate information.

Do you know for certain that everything in your operation is being managed correctly?

That is why you would incorporate the “Foundation Blocks” of building standards

  1. through my system and with the detailed approach of using “Schedules A through J,”
  2. you will be specifically looking at a pathway
  3. to improve your “operational and fiscal Well-Being.”

These are an analysis and complete and critical review of your properties’ financial performance when compared to Budget and Prior Year.

Have you ever consulted with anyone who has the necessary expertise to get an opinion on where you are or more importantly where you should be?

The first step, is for you to allow me to look at your operating financials, and work up questions and assumptions profiling the operation. This will enable me to pinpoint where deficiencies are hiding.

If you are so inclined to permit me to review your operation, we can, then take it to the next step.

The fee is included within the package price if you should consider moving forward this charge will be incorporated within the actual package price.

“Want to learn how to run a (Hospitality), Hotel, Resort, Restaurant, Food, or Beverage Business? This comprehensive management guide teaches entrepreneurs what author Peter Clarke has learned over a 40-year career.”

Should you elect, for whatever reason and not proceed further after my pre-work-up. You may still cancel, all that we then would do is apply a $999.00 fee for the advance scrutiny and general recommendations. You may positively justify using this gained knowledge and cost. Because the work that has been done to that point will be termed as usable, perhaps substantial information, garnered it can still be applied and enacted at your discretion or you see fit.

Why not choose, to engage the exact concept as presented in my book How to run a profitable Hospitality, Hotel, Resort, and Food and Beverage Business? At your choosing, I will introduce all, and you can consider various or each portion to be implemented for your property.

You will be specifically looking at a pathway to improve your “Financial Well-Being.” These are an analysis and review of your properties’ fiscal performance.

This critical review will require two 12-hour days with appropriate personnel. Additional advance work-up of financial Profit and Loss by property is required with thirty-day consultant monitoring guidance.

The second step in my approach is to incorporate the “Foundation Blocks” of building standards through and with the detailed applicable “Schedules.”

Do you know how you align with other properties in your served market area?

  1. What are your service and production standards based on?
  2. Are they in written form?
  3. Average Rate
  4. Occupancy
  5. Type of Traveler (Briefly, describe the market)
  6. Your Current Rate Profile and Package Plans
  7. Peak or Demand Periods and Shoulder Seasons
  8. Rev Par
  9. Your personal general Market Analysis
  10. What do you think your competitors are doing better than you?
  11. What is your conceptual and true property’s picture (as you see it)?

These questions below to you concern the engagement of myself and that of anticipated results:

  1. Why do you think that you need help? (or feel)
  2. What are your expectations in moving forward with this program?
  3. What else would you like to have done by me, in current or subsequent visits?

I can only offer my services; it’s solely up to you to engage, what is it costing you not really knowing?

Most certainly my fees, would only be a drop into the bucket for your peace of mind, don’t you agree?

Program Implementation $9,499.00, Have I got a Special Price for you! Wow!

Please see the Wow explained under

The Hospitality Package Plans “How they work for you!

Alternatively, I will work studiously from my office, limit my travel, and associated expenses. This will e my productivity, which will result in efficiencies for all concerned.

“My Most Affordable Alternative”


It clearly say’s that I value you!

Am I flexible or what? Alright, I will work with you by phone for 30 days from installation.

Please, no further discounts.

Well ok!

It will still include the ongoing repeat value added discount promotion.

That is after the initial contracted assignment.

Am I flexible or what?

All you will need to do is supply me with the following:

  1. A clerical/financial/technology-computer literate/Excel proficient individual at your property for system building.
  2. Property Facts
  3. Detailed Financial
  4. General Information as Listed Herein
  5. Problems Encountered
  6. History of Property
  7. Marketing Initiatives (Tried) (Considered)
  8. Your Plan Forward
  9. Most Importantly Access to You For:
  • Ongoing Opinions
  • Direction
  • To Build Proper Grounded and Measurable Initiatives.

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