My Published Books

My Published Books

We sell personally authored books by Peter Clarke, that focus on “Attaining Profits in Hospitality.” His third book is tailored for Business Enterprise’s it provides the reader with a clear approach to deal with business necessities.

The root intent of the books is for the reader to corner the market by providing a superior, consistent level of performance to exceed “guest-customer-consumer” expectations. Through your commitment to profit, you will recognize that guest satisfaction is the critical ingredient. To create a quality product and provide excellent service, a concerted focus on attention to detail is required.

I would really welcome your thoughts on how I can provide you with a serious offer, to be of service to you if you are encountering problems within your business?

How to Run a Profitable (Hospitality) Hotel, Resort, Restaurant, Food, and Beverage Business

(An in-depth and essential profit-seeking read.)

  • Assimilate these valued objectives; they will enable you to recognize a clear pathway to positive operational and financial results. “You deserve to make a profit!”
  • Put acceptable standards in place through “expect what you inspect.”
  • Provide guests a clean, comfortable property with attentive services.
  • Making, profit is a direct result of running a dynamic property.
  • The objective is to provide guests what they expect, because they are paying for it.
  • Use the “Standard Model” concept and structure change (s) by creating your action plan.
  • Provide outstanding food and beverage product and service quality.
  • Build a sales plan for managing your marketplace niche.

($29.00 Hardcover also offered as a condensed version in an eBook format)

The Sure-Fire Solutions Guide

$24.99 Used by the author as -top guide a desk (A Kindle Read)

-Specifically designed for the hospitality industry-

The guide is a valuable proponent that walks you through operations, sales, marketing, and directs resourceful initiatives that combat profit pitfalls. This tool includes ways that address vital components, which are key to “running a profitable hospitality enterprise.

-Coming Very Soon-

“It’s Simply Good Business”

(An $18.00 e-book) Specifically designed for businesses in general as a “what’s needed approach in easy to read terms making it “Simple” to use. It identifies and unlocks valued objectives; which will enable you to definitively recognize a clear pathway for implementing strategies which lead to positive operational success. The manuscript will provide you with direction toward achieving desired financial results. “As you deserve to make a profit!”

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Yes, as soon as it is released I will be supply you with a complimentary copy for those of you who purchased the “MOBE 21 Step Program” through my personal affiliate code!

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