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My question is, do you know? I mean, do you really know where you stand? Do you know for certain that everything in your operation is being managed correctly?

If you have only the slightest question, then why let it keep nagging you and lingering on?

Allow me to address your questions.
We provide cutting-edge solutions and direct truthful answers!
We will always respect your privacy.

We will tailor your package, to your specifications, in every assignment.  

I will introduce to you:

“The Foundation Blocks for the Standard Model”


Throughout my career, I have witnessed much pain incurred by ownership and property executives in not being able to provide a fundamentally sound environment. The causes, although many, however, most were due to un-fulfillment in maintaining service and product consistencies.

I assure you that the systems contained in my books address shortcomings, which when properly employed, contribute immensely to restructure a property’s direction. I apply sound reasoning techniques that are clearly defined. This management guide explains how to attain the factors that generate profits in hospitality.

MPC GLOBAL ENTERPRISES INC. dba. Business and Hospitality Education Service and http://profitsinhospitality.com

2905 Lake East Drive, Ste. 150, Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

Telephone: (714) 292-3299, Email:pclarke001@socal.rr.com

We will tailor your package, to your specifications, in every assignment.

The real cost to you of this program is SPECIAL for you and you alone.

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