Inspections and Investigation Packages

An inspection of your property or complete, UN-announced, and confidential review of what is going on at your asset!

My concept invites thoroughness’ to discovery

·        as it continuously asks why?

·        It is not to be confused with an ordinary review of your property.

·        “Why not find out what’s really going on!

Inspection Packages are a complete review of your facilities and operational readiness with a review and my opinion based on your performance of your current financial statement.The first step, is for you to allow me to look at your operating financials, and work up questions and assumptions profiling the operation. This will enable me to pinpoint where deficiencies are hiding.

If you are so inclined to permit me to review your operation, we can, then take it to the next step.

The fee is included within the package price if you should consider moving forward this charge will be incorporated within the actual package price.

“Want to learn how to run a (Hospitality), Hotel, Resort, Restaurant, Food, or Beverage Business? This comprehensive management guide teaches entrepreneurs what author Peter Clarke has learned over a 40-year career.”

Should you elect, for whatever reason and not proceed further after my pre-work-up. You may still cancel, all that we then would do is apply a $999.00 fee for the advance scrutiny and general recommendations. You may positively justify using this gained knowledge and cost. Because the work that has been done to that point will be termed as useable, perhaps substantial information, garnered it can still be applied and enacted at your discretion or you see fit.

Why not allow me to see how I can help you find out the TRUTH?

  • This evaluation of your product and services
  1. concentrates on identifying the true picture of the offerings and benefits that attract current and potential guests to your property.
  2. In all practicality, it will help in discovery of your true niche and uncover financial flaws. The end-result should identify what you need to know.

May I interest you in a proposal?

Program Implementation is Valued at $3,499.00

Have I got a Special Price for you! Wow!
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The Hospitality Package Plans “How they work for you!